Site Volunteers

Our site volunteers provide the heart of the Elmhurst Walk-In Assistance Newtork. Staffing the site requires over 1,800 volunteer hours a year.  These hours are covered by caring members of our community who offer an ear of support to those in crisis and strive to identify effective ways to help. 

Site volunteers are asked to commit to a two-hour shift two days a month.  Volunteers sit with clients and listen to their needs.  They determine what services we are able to offer the client, and offer them information on other area resources that might help. They complete a written file for each client and document the visit.  Since different volunteers sit at the desk each day, careful note taking helps us serve clients better. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a site volunteer you may arrange a time to observe.  Once you determine if this work is for you, you will be formally trained. Volunteers must learn the assistance guidelines, learn to thoroughly document client visits, gain some familiarity with local resources, and above all else learn to deal with each client with compassion and respect.  The work is both challenging and rewarding and we are always in search of individuals up for the challenge!

Send inquiries regarding volunteering to  .