The people of our faith communities, service organizations, businesses and caring individuals unite in partnership to provide compassionate and effective assistance to people in need in our community.

We Serve Elmhurst residents, as well as families with children in Elmhurst schools, members of participating churches, and PADS guests with a written referral.  We are happy to use our resources to help guests who do not qualify under these guidelines identify other sources of assistance.  

We Operate through the generosity and encouragement of Elmhurst churches, service organizations, businesses, municipal offices and individuals. These friends are a vital part of the Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry.

We Help by welcoming those who come, by listening, assessing needs, and responding. Sometimes that involves giving referrals for food or clothing, sometimes helping to pay essential bills like utilities, housing, car repair or prescriptions. We may provide train or bus tickets, or vouchers and certificates to local businesses - all according to our guidelines. Often we provide a connection to other resources that may help immediately or over a longer term. At no time do we give out cash.

We Rely entirely on volunteers who work in teams to assist clients. Others serve on the Board of Directors or in an administrative capacity. Volunteers are people who wish to put their faith into action in a direct, meaningful way. Each receives special training.

"When did we see you hungry and give you food, or thirsty and give you drink?" The Lord answered: "The truth is, every time you did this for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me."